Kassy Clifford has been teaching infants and children (ages 9 months – 99 years) to swim for over 20 years.

Her method is very serious with no frills. She does not play with the kids in the water, nor does she use props. This may seem harsh, but Swim To Live’s method works.

You may be thinking that 15 minutes does not seem like enough time. But, it is actually ideal length of time for a young child’s attention span. Anything beyond 15 minutes has proven to be non-productive.

Kassy is a very patient and gentle instructor, focusing on teaching basic swimming survival skills.  She teaches private 15 min lessons with a 95% success rate in first 4 – 6 days.

Swim To Live lessons take place in a heated salt-water pool. This makes it more comfortable for your child, and gentler on their eyes.