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Open for business beginning may 26th!

Covid 19 UPDATE


In light of our current state of affairs with Covid19, Miss Kassy and Swim To Live would like to address some concerns you may have. Our main focus here at STL, is water safety and giving your child life-saving swimming capabilities. COVID19 is one of millions of viruses we are exposed to everyday.  Miss Kassy and STL believes that God created our bodies and immune systems perfectly, and with all of the capabilities to fight off viruses and illnesses of all types..including, but not limited to Covid19. It is our belief that overly sanitizing, mask wearing and social distancing may actually be causing harm to our immune systems, in addition to our emotional and mental well-being. 


Miss Kassy and Swim To Live, will be taking the usual precautions she has always take in the last 20 years of running her business.  If she, or someone in her household is sick or symptomatic in any way, she will contact you immediately and give you the option to postpone lessons. STL is an outdoor business with ample separate sitting/waiting areas in the back and front yard. These areas are neat and tidy. However, they may not be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day.  If you have concerns of germ/virus exposure (be it COVID or any other illness), from STL or Kassy, this may not be the program for you. 


Swim to Live and Kassy Clifford will not be held liable if you or your child contracts an illness (including, but not limited to Covid19), which may have possibly occurred during the time of your child’s swim lessons. If your child is symptomatic, please contact Kassy and she will be happy to reschedule. If you are AT ALL uneasy about these practices and have already booked with lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact STL and we will be happy to refund your money or postpone lessons.   Here at STL, health and wellness is key. Thank you for your understanding.

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My method is very serious with no frills. I do not play with the kids in the water, nor do I use props. This may seem harsh, but Swim To Live’s method works. You may be thinking that 15 minutes does not seem like enough time. But, it is actually an ideal length of time for a young child’s attention span. Anything beyond 15 minutes has proven to be non-productive. I am a very patient and gentle instructor, focusing on teaching basic swimming survival skills. I teach private 15 min lessons with a 95% success rate in first 4 – 6 days. Swim To Live lessons take place in a heated salt-water pool. This makes it more comfortable for your child, and gentler on their eyes.


Attention parents!!! Swim to Live is a life saving, intensive swim program. If you are wanting a pleasant introduction to water, this program is NOT for you. In the first few sessions, you can expect your child to appear as if they are drowning. They will gag, scream, cry, plead and sometimes even vomit.  We promise you that this is very normal AND strongly suggest that you take a walk for the first few lessons. Encourage your child in between lessons and help them to practice what they are learning. This will reinforce what they are learning and build their confidence. Please refer to the rules page and DO NOT feed your child anything other then clear liquids 2-3 hrs before time of lesson. Throw up results in a $100 pool cleaning fine. 

Please be sure to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled lesson. Due to high volume of swimmers, weather and other unforeseen circumstances, the schedule may vary 15 minutes or so. Unfortunately, Swim to Live cannot guarantee your swimmers will start at their exact scheduled time. We always do our very best to adhere to the schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 


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