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What is the ideal age to begin swim lessons?


If your child can walk, he/she can swim. The ideal age is 3 – 4 yrs. old, because the child has developed the muscles it takes to swim and climb out of the pool independently. As your child grows older, they become much more fearful and defiant when being submerged in the water. Thus, making it more challenging for the instructor.


Why are the lessons only 20 minutes long, instead of 30 minutes?

Each lesson is private. Unlike many Park & Rec. classes, typically consisting of 30 minute group lessons. Kassy believes that twenty minutes, one-on-one sessions are much more effective. A young child’s attention span is very short. Anything beyond twenty minutes can be unproductive and actually have a negative effect on the child, causing them extreme frustration. Children learn best when given undivided attention, with as little outside stimuli as possible.


My child is fearful of the water, wouldn’t it be a good idea to wait until he is comfortable around swimming pools?


The children who are “fearful” of the water, are typically the ones who end up drowning. Survival swim lessons will develop a confidence in your child, that will not only make swimming and water play more enjoyable, but could also save your child’s life.


Does my child have to be submerged in the water in order to

learn how to swim?


Yes. It is not possible to properly teach your child how to swim without total submersion. This may be difficult to watch for the first few lessons, but children adapt quickly. Typically by the third lesson, your child will be comfortable being submerged and holding his/her breath.


How many sessions will it take for my child to learn to swim?


Each child is different, but most children learn enough skills by the end of the first, one week session to swim to the side and pull themselves out of the pool. Initial two week session and follow up 1-week session of private or group Lessons are encouraged-


*All first time students will be required to take the initial 2 week session, regardless of age or ability.

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