rules of the pool

- Please arrive five minutes before lessons to allow for time to change. Please park down by the barn if there is spaceLessons will start and end on time. WE SWIM RAIN or SHINE (unless there is lightning)! It is a myth that you can catch a cold from being cold. If you are unable to make your scheduled lesson, please call Kassy (916) 813-0444 OR email


- Parents should have a positive attitude! Children often mirror their parents’ moods.


- Parents may watch their child in designated viewing areas ONLY, (upper deck). If your child is not distracted by your    presence, parents may watch near the pool, by invitation ONLY. Swim To Live cannot be responsible for anyone on      the property except the student (and parent). Whenever possible, please make child-care arrangements for                  additional children so that you may give your entire attention to the student. Having your complete attention              greatly develops your child’s swimming self-confidence.


- Make-ups are not available. Unfortunately, due to months of planning, Kassy is unable to accommodate                        rescheduling. Swim To Live is not able to refund any fees for missed lessons.


- Absolutely no food or sweet drinks at the pool. This is to avoid ant, bee, and roach infestation.


- No child is ever allowed in the pool without the instructor.


- All children under the age of 4 are required to wear an elastic-edged reusable swim diaper. Regardless of whether      or not your child is potty trained. No exceptions. They are available for purchase on or Target. Just          make sure you are purchasing the nylon reusable swim diaper (Tuga brand is recommended). Without a nylon swim      diaper, child may not enter pool for a lesson. Parents further understand that these diapers are also more                    comfortable than regular swim diapers and allow child’s legs to move more freely than regular swim diapers.                Additionally, disposable swim diapers leak and cause bacteria. Finally, nylon reusable swim diapers are more                economical, environmental and attractive than regular swim diapers. In addition, while they are called “swim                diapers” they are, in-fact nylon, waterproof underwear that can be worn under a bathing suit.


- Goggles are provided by Swim To Live, for your child’s lessons. However, you are welcome to bring your own.              Goggles can be found on Amazon or at Costco.


- Absolutely no running or rough play.


- Please arrive five minutes early and depart promptly. Due to limited changing space, it is recommended that your        child arrive with their swimsuit or swim diaper already underneath their clothing. This will also help you save time in    getting them ready.


- Please be sure that nannies, grandparents or anyone coming to lessons are aware of all the rules.


- A bathroom is available, BUT children MUST be accompanied by an adult.


- Do not feed your child 2 1/2 – 3 hours before their scheduled lesson. If a child gets sick in the pool      once, you will be required to pay a $100.00 pool cleaning fee. If a child gets sick twice, your child      may have an issue that will preclude him or her from swimming. No refunds.

  *** Absolutely NO dairy before lessons.


- Parents must disclose if a child has special needs or health issues, not limited to but including ADD, ADHD, autism,      retardation, coordination issues, and asthma.


- If your child has long hair please make sure it is tied up in a ponytail or worn in a swim cap to help him/her to see.


- Please make sure your child has showered or bathed before the lesson, as cleanliness is paramount.


- PLEASE AVOID SUNBLOCK OF ANY KIND for your child’s lesson. Your child will be in the shade for the majority of      his/her 15 minute lesson and could use the vitamin D. Besides, sunblock destroys the pool filter. 

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